Pixberg GmbH
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Since 1901 to this day

The company's history goes back to 1901. It was then that master craftsman August Pixberg established a firm in Wuppertal that has today become the PIXBERG GmbH. Even at that time Wuppertal, the textile centre for narrow fabrics, also had several broad-loom weavings.

Correspondingly, PIXBERG's manufacturing operations were geared to making weaving reeds for these two sectors. Most deliveries were to firms in Wuppertal and its environs, but even in those early years there were occasional exports to  neighbouring  countries. 

1941, the company's founder passed responsibility for the business to his son, Rudolph Pixberg.

In the following years much effort was spent on adjusting the weaving reed production to the constantly changing technical standards.

Since 1979 this specialist company has been manged by Hans-Joachim an Ulrich Pixberg - grandsons of its founder. The company works very closely with textile machinery producers at home and abroad. Development work is also undertaken in cooperation with universities, technical colleges and textile training centres.

PIXBERG GmbH maintains a large stock of standard steel, stainless steel and specially hardened steel. This allows us to fulfil even the most unusual customer orders in the quickest possible time and to standards of quality that meet even the most exacting demands of customers worldwide.

In addition, PIXBERG GmbH offers a wide range of accessoires for the textile industry. 

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