The Pixberg GmbH – tradition is obligation, development is our task.

Over 100 years of experience in the production of weaving reeds, warp beams and textile accessories have enabled us to gather over 4 family generations. This experience shapes each of our products, which are traditionally manufactured in close cooperation with our customers. We are committed to this tradition. But we also know that there is something beyond tradition – constantly learning to develop something new. On this page you will find the history of our company with its tradition and development over a century. Find out who we are…

From 1901 until today

Our company history goes back to the year 1901, when the weaving reed master August Pixberg founded the company in Wuppertal, the centre for ribbon and wide weaving, from which today’s PIXBERG GmbH emerged.

Accordingly, the production programme of the company at that time was geared towards the production of weaving reeds for these two areas. Initially, the company supplied mainly to the textile companies located in Wuppertal and the surrounding area, but exports to neighbouring countries were already made at that time, albeit only occasionally.

In 1941, the company founder passed the responsibility on to his son Rudolf, who rebuilt the company and expanded the product range. The subsequent period was characterised by the constant adaptation of weaving reed production to the latest technical standards.

Since 1979 the company has been run by Hans-Joachim and Ulrich Pixberg, the grandsons of the company founder. Since 2010 Ulrich Pixberg has been the sole managing director. With Thorsten Pixberg, the great-grandson of the founder, the fourth generation is also part of the Pixberg company.

We work very closely with textile machine manufacturers at home and abroad. During development, we also cooperate with universities, technical colleges and textile training centres.

Pixberg GmbH maintains a large warehouse with stainless steel, hardened steel and stainless hardened steel. This enables even unusual customer requests to be fulfilled within the shortest possible delivery time. With a quality of work that meets the high demands of customers all over the world.

PIXBERG GmbH offers a wide range of accessories for the textile industry.

Our Philosophy

Our self-image? We are a manufactory. And this is exactly what gives us the flexibility to manufacture our products and gives our customers the space to influence the production process. Contrary to the zeitgeist of fully automated processes in the production of mass-produced goods, the individuality of the product is our top priority. And that must be the case! The individuality of the fabrics, the manufacture of which is only made possible by our products, reflects the course of our production – with the highest possible degree of precision. In fact, this can require an intensive dialogue with our customers. We try to work out the technical specifications with each customer depending on the desired fabric and implement these with a high standard of internal quality assurance – from Prototypes for R&D applications to series.

With focus on your requirements we offer you individual solutions

The finished fabrics are influenced by a number of different factors and different reed shapes. Discover here the variety of our product range and the various possibilities of adaptation. Individual production and precise implementation of your specifications for your reed are our top priorities. Take the opportunity to configure your individual reed or your individual warp beam on the basis of technical drawings and send us an inquiry.

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