Warp beams – a round thing

It is our wish that things run smoothly for you. Our warp beams and sectional beams convince our customers with outstanding running properties, high stability and durability. Why aluminium? We continue to rely on wood, which is highly compressed and offers a significantly better price ratio! Choose different wood materials, dimensions and configure your own warp disk here.

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Currently in the test phase – A new innovative warp beam.

  • Plastic with 60% natural fibre content (3d cross-linked structure)
  • density half as large as that of aluminium (1.4 to 2.7 g/cm^3)
  • thus half as heavy
  • Modulus of elasticity equal to that of aluminium (70 GPa)
  • high surface smoothness of the side walls
  • high surface smoothness in the brake grooves and no abrasion
  • good bearing properties with low abrasion
  • no aging
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