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Bended reed spiral wire / rail baulk

The basis of these weaving reeds is essentially the note on “front reed spiral wire/ rail baulk“. The important difference is that from a certain height the blade bars point forward at an angle. It is used when the arrangement of the heald frames does not provide sufficient height for the reed. There is a standard angle of 30°, but this cannot always be used for every application. Due to a production method in our own factory, we are not tied to a rigid punching process. Both in the choice of the suitable angle and in the choice of the different leg lengths, we adapt to the customer’s wishes. The rod material is provided with machine-rounded edges. In addition to the standard 5 mm, we also offer 4 and 6 mm. For special applications in wide weaving we also offer bars in 8 and 10 mm overlength.

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